Advantages Of Using The Responsibility Assignment Matrix

This is a matrix that has been highly beneficial when streamlining the responsibilities of each individual in an organization.  It focuses on four areas; responsibly, accountability, consultation and informing, in order to form an easy way to deal with day to day business operations. While some companies have already implemented this matrix to improve their efficiency, others are still evaluating its potential to make a lasting change within their organizations. For those who belong to the latter group of the above mentioned two, here are few advantages of the responsibility assignment matrix that you may find compelling.

No complications and no excuses

Implementing a project management RACI will ensure each person involved in the process is aware of their individual responsibilities. There will be no confusion about the tasks that are assigned to each of your employees which will simplify their job descriptions and make them much easier to be grasped. This will also give you an advantage as the employer. Since you are sure that each employee understands what you require from them clearly, they wouldn’t have the chance to make invalid excuses about role confusions when they are not able to meet their deadlines.

Makes interactions between teams and departments much easier

Since the project management RACI will clearly define each person’s role in the company’s day to day work, every individual in your work place will know exactly what their colleague is in charge of. This will help them communicate better and be more effective as a team. At the same time, departments that only interact with each other on an occasional basis will be able to do so conveniently because they too will be aware about which person to contact in order to clarify any required information.

It is user friendly and easy to master

This matrix is designed in a way that it can be learnt by a professional within a very limited amount of time. Anyone who is given the responsibility of handling raci charting and it is mostly helpful in small businesses a project will be able to get some quick training about the matrix from a fellow professional or an online source.  Since everything is stated methodically in the matrix, one can get a clear understanding of the entire process by simply taking a look at it. The matrix is also highly flexible, which makes it easy to make amendments to it.

It is a great way to assess proficiencies

The responsibility assignment matrix allows each person’s strengths and weakness to be highlighted. This is because the task assigned to that person is very clear and the way he/she executes it can be judged easily. Due to this reason, employers and managers can assess the special skills of their work force and come up with ways to improve the efficiency of the entire organization.