DIY Must Haves For Your Apartment

Have you moved into you own apartment? But not feeling yourself mainly because you feel a bit homesick? Or worse your landlord tells you that you cannot change anything except live the way it is given. If you got some time to kill, indulge yourself in these DIY crafts to add some color and personality to your living space without upsetting your landlord.

DIY Wall Art

This method cannot get anymore simpler. A method that Is super easy and creative to add a splash of color to your walls. Purchase a few colored tapes from your local craft store and paste them diagonally or shapes and patterns directly into your wall. What’s better is that you could simply peel them off when it’s time to leave the apartment. 

Vintage night stand

Don’t spend loads of money in expensive furniture and cupboards. Visit your local flea markets, web sales for second hand furniture and garage sales to purchase the items you like for fraction of the original price. Purchase in old crates or wooden boxes from your local market and you could use it as unique night stand. With a vinegar solution, you could enhance the vintage look by giving it stained effect.

Painted sofa and chairs

Once you’ve purchased your desired piece of sofa or set of chairs, give it some personality by adding some patterns or polka dots, symbols or even floral designs with the help of fabric paint. Go crazy and the creativity is endless. Paint the wooden part of your chairs in shiny gold for a more retro look with contrasting cushion colors.

Color pop drawers

Change the way your dresser looks by letting your drawers scream with color. You could simply achieve this with mod podge and vibrant wrapping papers. Save and collect left over gift wrapping papers in your craft supplies and stick them to the sides of your drawers. No more boring drawers show it off with a pop of color. Racking all you items in drawers with storage space will give you more time to enjoy and less time with household clean up chores.

Display your clothing line

Women love to shop as all the clothes are neatly displayed in racks. Use the same concept to your clothes by hanging a wooden or a steel rod in your room to display your clothes just as in all the stores. Racking system in Adelaide provides easy access to you clothing and is much organized that storing inside a cupboard.

For the love of shoes!

This idea may seem too much to handle, but really it is not much of a hassle and you simply cannot resist the end result. Pay a visit to your local flees market and purchase a ladder and a few wooden boards. Place the boards in between the steps of the ladder and you have tired rack to display all of your shoes. Displaying your shoes or even your books will give you storage space and some added creativity to your apartment.