Different Kinds Of Garage Doors

There are different categories of garage doors that are available. Usually they differ in the materials they are made from as well as how they open up. There are common overhead garage door models, while others are bi-fold or horizontal sliding ones. The materials of which garage doors are made of comprise of wood, vinyl and steel.

The overhead garage door models

The garage doors that open overhead usually is common in most homes. These usually come with roller shutters. The doors are designed to work along a track. This track is installed on the overhead panel where the door is pushed up. The door is usually installed in sections and there is a bend at the track. The door moves from a vertical to a horizontal position. This is a common garage door to opt for residential homes.

Sliding door models

The garage doors that are sliding have a certain similarity with the overhead models. They move on a track. They usually stay vertical and then slide away when they are being opened. The door usually offers a lot of space on one side of the garage. The window roller shutters Sydney at All District Roller Shutter Services in these models slide out to the side.

Bifold types

The garage doors that are of the bifold category usually open up in the middle. These doors are designed and sectioned to open up from the middle or buckle up in the middle. This happens when the door is pulled up. The two sections of the bifold door, top and bottom usually become horizontal when both are moving up. They act as an overhead door model in this regard. Vertical bifold doors are also available, but they are more cumbersome to install and operate.

Different garage materials

The most common material used for construction of garage doors is steel. This is a durable choice and as compared to wood, it costs much less. Again, wood which used to be in vogue before easily rots as it remains exposed to the weather conditions. Instead of having to temper and paint wooden panels in garage doors to prevent them from rotting, it is best to opt for durable and pliable steel. This is a more durable material. It also costs less as compared to other materials.

Today steel shutters are popular as they come in varied finishes. You could have a wooden finish created on steel shutters. Steel doors also offer insualtion properties. There are fire retardant properties inbuilt in the steel shutters. Some shutters are designed with a window to allow in light, especially when the garage is being used for different work activities. The use of vinyl has also come into vogue in the design of garage doors these days.