How To Make Your Air Compressor More Energy Efficient

When a machine is in use, a large percentage of its energy is usually wasted either through evaporation or leakage. Heat loss is a main form of energy wastage when it comes to machinery. This can not only affect the productivity, but can also affect the profits as well. Since the costs of creating energy are increasing by each year, you must ensure that the machine is made energy efficient to save as much energy as possible. Here are some ways in which you can ensure it.

Examine the Usage

Research has showed that the main reasons for energy wastage in this particular system are leakages, over pressurization and poor compressor management. The easiest way to avoid these problems is to fix the compressor. You have see whether it gives you the required amount of air. If it produces more than you need, you have to find a way to reduce this excess production and usage. This will automatically reduce your level of energy wastage.

Verify the CFM Output

Although the manufacturer might guarantee you a high CFM flow, most rotary screw air compressor ideal choice for many automotive manufacturing applications fail to reach that standard. This is because the CFM rate is affected by various factors such as premature modulations and problems in piston rings. Therefore, when making a purchase, do not entirely rely on the CFM rate since it can be highly inaccurate. Even if it is precise, the capacity of the machine will definitely decrease with time due to regular usage.

Eliminate the Leaks

The first step is to find the spot that causes the leaks in your industrial air compressors. Since it is quite difficult to identify air leaks, you must be look very carefully. It is has been noted that an average machine loses up to 25% of its energy through this leakage. The only way to solve this problem is to conduct routine inspections. You must inform the maintenance personnel about the importance of this system and the consequences of leakages. You must also provide them with the necessary and high quality tools and equipments to tackle the problem efficiently.

Use Flow Controllers

These are controllers that will enable you to control your usage. Most companies, in an attempt to make profitable revenues, overuse the system. When the system works at a high pressure for continuous period, it can result in leakages, pressure drops and fluctuations in the flow. Therefore, you must use these floe controllers to ensure that the machine does not exceed its capacity and damage itself.

You can also consider recovering wasted heat too. This can be achieved through a heat recovery unit, which will help you to reduce your production costs.