Best Software In 2015 For Your ERP Troubles

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Enterprise resource planning, the software used for collection, storage, interpretation and management of a business’s activities, when implemented are involved in all the department and in most cases makes it a universal place of data within the business. From production, planning, costing, manufacturing, services and delivery and all other activities that would signify stages of development of a service or product of a business can be recorded by the use of Enterprise resource planning software. And in the more recent years the use of Cloud as a platform of storage has increased parallel to the use of internal servers. 

Cloud ERP solutions reduce costs of having IT services brought in for problems with a server or keeping an IT employee for your servers. Also the scalability of your business can be computed easily with the records of your business and the convenience of accessing these records from anywhere in the world make these software more appealing.

● Acumatica Cloud ERP

Usually used for small and medium sized businesses which are interested in using competent cloud ERP solutions to further their growth and profitability, this software can be used on any platform. Acumatica can be used for and by wholesale distributors, accounting and contract management, services firms, manufacturing companies, retail management, software and tracking companies, and for fund accounting and grant managements of non-profit organizations. The uses of the software ranges from creating e-commerce platforms cash management, service order lifecycle management, appointment managements, real-time order statuses, inventory tracking and by location and product, tracking invoices, customer maintenance plans and others.

● EnterpriseIQ

Created for manufacturing companies especially, and is able of keeping track and offering ERP, MES solutions and supply chain software solutions. This software can be customized according to your business characteristics like size, products, and industry. It is advertised as creating increases of efficiency, eliminating any unnecessary downtime in the business, improve visibility of your supply chains and further enhance production and performance of your manufacturing.


This software enables the management and control of planning and management sectors of the business and also accounting, manufacturing, distribution and delivery operations of your business. The current version of the software o f 7.0 and their version of Cloud-based software is one of the more popular investments of companies. SYSPRO is sold in modules and depending on your need you can add more reduce the number of modules you decide to purchase for your business. The modules differ according to aspect of business from finances to distribution.

Make sure to research well into the type of software you would like to have in your business by going through online material as well as talking to fellow business owners using ERP software. Looking for perfect ERP software, check this website for more details.

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